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Manual Series
Automobile series: Repair Manual, New vehicle Characteristics Introduction, Flat Rate Manual, Owner's Manual, Navigation Owner's Manual, vest-pocket Driver's Handbook, Decomposition Handbook, Emergency Guidance, etc.
Machine tool series: CNC Instruction Manual, Configuration Principle Instruction Manual, Maintenance Instruction Manual ,Programming Manual, Component Illustration Manual CNC Computer Screen, Nameplates, Warning Information, etc.
Forklift series: Repair Manual, User's Manual, etc.
Loom series: Instruction Manual, Safe Operation Manual, Configuration and Function Manual , etc.
Motor Series: Configuration Principle Manual, Maintenance Manual, etc.
Hygienic equipment series: Instruction Manual, Installation Manual, etc.
The propaganda booklet of enterprise and automobile series
Cell--phone handbook series
Software Series
Chinese-Japanese-English Automobile Information Dictionary
Automobile Information Automatic Transfer System
Machine Tools Information Automatic Transfer System Medical Finance Verification Software
Pharmaceutical and Warehousing Management Software Taxi Information Management Software
Guangxing Enterprise Management Software Tax Information Management Software
Government and Enterprises Management Information System Human Resource Data Management System
Data Processing Intelligent Control Software Multimedia Information Integration and Management Software
Digitized Documents Automatic Switching General Management Software Multimedia Automobile Training Software
Automobile RM Series Software Test System of Automobile Sales Consulter Training System
Taiwanese Automobile Repair Manual Automatic Changeover Template Software Automobile Dealer Draw Software
Pictures Show
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